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Cornelia Funke: Arch Enemy

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Since when did Cornelia Funke, the so-called "German J.K. Rowling," become my nemesis? It appears to have happened on this week, on September 14, when she released her latest book.

Here’s how it breaks down: At the moment, my first book is up for the 2011 California Young Reader’s Medal. The shortlist is exactly that: short. Three books, that's it:

Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke
Greetings from Planet Earth by Barbara Kerley
Zorgamazoo by me

In terms of popularity and depth in the field, let’s face it: Kerley and I (especially I) have nothing on Funke (did I mention they call her “the German J.K. Rowling?”). To be honest, I’m just happy someone considered me in the same league as this woman.

So far it's not really nemesis material, right? Just a bit of healthy competition and an admittedly flattering nomination. But get this: Seems Ms. Funke's newest book, Reckless, takes place in "an updated version of the fairy tale world created by the Brothers Grimm."

Sound familiar? (If not, cf. my second book, Dust City). Worse, she's even ganging up on me! Reckless is the first of series written in collaboration with Lionel Wigram, a co-producer on the Harry Potter and Shelock Holmes movies!

Sheesh, talk about a couple of worthy adversaries.

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Robert Paul Weston

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