Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

A Heatbreaking Idea of Staggering Genius

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Paul here -

So I've made it my daily routine to watch TED Prize speeches every morning. Think of it like Wheaties for the dream reflex. An old family friend of Alex's wakes up at 4 am and reads the Saints Lives every morning as the sun comes up. Me, I log on and listen to people in Monterrey telling me to think big.

Anyway, here is David Eggers talking about a tutoring project he and McSweeney's run in San Francisco. The program's combination of selfless altruism and off-the-wallness made me want to go and set up a Fur Trader Canoe Wash on Queen Street, with tables in the back where kids can meet up with local artists and make stuff. Who's up for starting this?