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Whazamo! Profiles: Eric Kim

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Whazamo! Profiles: Eric Kim

Name: Eric Kim

Hometown: Toronto


Role: Comic artist, illustrator, co-creator, aspiring creator

Latest Work: Most recent was The Sidesteppers for Owl Magazine. My next upcoming work will be “The Push” for the Popgun vol. 4 anthology, followed by a my webcomic “Streta”...then a project from Oni Press.

What’s It About in a Nutshell: “The Push” is a short story written by Ian Daffern that basically deals with a man relating to stresses in life. And a train. “Streta” deals with a guy trying to escape his dull life who’s then thrown into the middle of a crazy interstellar intrigue. The new project from Oni Press is a s-e-c-r-e-t.

What first inspired you to create comics or graphic novels? I just wanted to do it. I’m a terrible prose writer, but I knew that I wanted to tell stories...comics were the most natural way for me to do it, to just get everything out there.

What for you makes a comic or graphic novel AWESOME!? How much the person(s) care about the work. If they care, they’ll go the distance...that’s what separates good from great, I think. Something sincerely inexpressible that’s just there on the page.

What subjects are you obsessed with? Contemporary anime, absurd occurrences, science fiction, anything from my’s pretty random.

If you weren’t doing comics or graphic novels, what would you be doing? I’d probably be reading them. I honestly don’t think much would change, except I’d be more of a jerk, I think.

What is your favourite Canadian graphic novel, or What’s your favourite graphic novel of all time? My favourite of all time is V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. My favourite Canadian graphic novel is the Scott Pilgrim series. Absolutely brilliant work.

What are you working on now? Right RIGHT now is Streta for TCAF, and then after that...well, just check my website for more details!

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