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Upcoming Screenwriting Class at U of T, School of Continuing Studies

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Hi Everyone,
Good job! My students have gotten together and lobbied for a Saturday Screenwriting class. So, if you've got something in the works (or looking for a variety of creative writing strategies to deepen story, character and the rest), we'll be on February 4th to March 31st (no class 3/24 for Family Day). Saturdays, 11-130pm.

Once we have some registrants, I'll send out a Needs Analysis. This class will be a little bit different than previous screenwriting classes.

While each class will still be topic-based (around screenwriting skills, they will be more workshop oriented. In other words, we will produce and workshop pages in-class. Students have suggested that more in-class exercises leading towards production would be helpful. Most of you have been introduced to the basic principles, so let's dig in further.

I would also like to end our sessions with a reading of your scenes by professional actors. Out loud readings with professionals will add a whole other layer to our learning. We can decide if we want to invite others to sit in on that session or not.

You can register now over at the U of T School of Continuing Studies Website (see below). Please feel free to pass this on to others who might be interested in the Saturday session. I very much look forward to continuing to work with you on projects you've already begun and others yet to be imagined.

Have a great holiday, thom

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