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Rewriting Class at UT & On the Road

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Hallo from Paris, OB-ers. Yes, I know. It is still the one-and-only. And that's saying something given that I'm coming here after a beautiful and productive month doing a residency in Vermont and then a month in Berlin. Don't even get me going about the week in NYC (German Expressionists, anyone?) and the five days in Luxembourg running the Grund.

I understand that summer is dawning back home.

To wit: I am taking on a fantastic adventure starting July 6. A rewriting class, Rewriting: a toolbox that works at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Lee was game to try it and it just seems to be a hole in the educational options out there. How do we even approach deepening a novel, a screenplay, an essay, a speech? How do you do it? That's what we'll take on in the class. Having me in the lead means that it will be interdisciplinary: theatre, dance, visual art, meteorology, psychoanalysis, chaos theory—fun, eh? What does the weather have to do with how tense a scene is? How does architecture shape a moment? What is the geometry of our literary structures? There are no easy answers to the process but there are strategies that will get you to something of your own perhaps more readily.

The class has two objectives: students will leave the class with one piece ready to submit and a toolbox of strategies that work for them.

Come on out! it's an eight-weeker, Wednesdays, 6p-9p. Sign up here...

In the meantime, visit my personal blog American Refugee for lots of photos and thoughts on this adventure of research and writing that I'm on...

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