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The Drifts Live: the novel on stage

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The Drifts Live: the novel on stage

OBers, Oh, what a full time it's been. I am resolved to be a much more consistent blog poster. For what it's worth I haven't been able to even blog on my own blog! I'm on the homefront for a while teaching screenwriting and now novel writing at UT SCS. So, we have psychic space and breathing room.

Honestly, I've been running around like a crazy chicken for a year and a half. Lots more to fill you in on. Lots of passages this summer. Some very sad and unexpected. Others, like getting "The Drifts" up on its feet in front of audiences, like beautiful and inspiring gauntlets.

So here's a taste of "The Drifts Live"

Stay tuned.

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Thom Vernon

Thom Vernon has worked in film, television and theatre since 1989. He has been the Actors’ Gang Youth Education Program director and has worked as an arts educator at the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People. The Drifts (Coach House Books) is his first novel.

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