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Shelagh Rogers

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On Thursday morning, I will be on Sounds Like Canada, with Shelagh Rogers. We're going to talk about my latest novel, The Book of Stanley. I don't know why I am so nervous, as she is only a human being, but I am somewhat terrified. She is one degree of separation away from everyone who is anyone in Canada. And as a relative nobody, I am keenly aware of her power.

Plus, last year I heard an interview she did with the Rae brothers, about politics and their family life, and I bawled. CBC is on constantly in my house, Radio One mostly. When Radio Two was classical in the evenings, I listened to Radio Two. But now that it's jazz, and self-consciously hip, I'm a major Radio One guy again.

Without CBC, there wouldn't be a Canada. I mean, something more than a political body with a number of policy quirks. Alberta is a political body with a number of policy quirks. It didn't used to be, but it is now. What we need, in Alberta, if we want to have a coherent culture, is a provincial Shelagh Rogers. But I'm afraid no one would listen to her, because we're all too busy listening to the national Shelagh Rogers.

It's on at 10am, in case you'd like to hear me. I'll be talking about death and religion, but in a jolly, jolly tone.

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