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Social Media and the Book Industry

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If you're working on a book or have one to promote, Quillblog's post about social media and book promotion will be of interest to you. Blogger Laura Godfrey writes about a panel discussion on "book marketing and the digital age" that took place yesterday for Toronto’s Social Media Week.

[Deanna] McFadden emphasized how valuable it can be for authors to market their books online during the pre-publication process, using Twitter and Facebook to reach a very specific audience. Instead of reaching readers through traditional book reviews and ads, readers can now find out about the writing process of authors, and in some cases, even their personality. And while there was discussion over the generational divide in using social media tools, McFadden pointed out that even Margaret Atwood has gotten in on the Twitter action.

The panelists also discussed the "perils" of using social media to market books (tip: Twitter isn't the place to vent about a bad review).

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