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Read To Me: Boy Meets Dog by Valerie Wyatt, with Illustrations by Dave Whamond

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Read To Me: Boy Meets Dog by Valerie Wyatt, with Illustrations by Dave Whamond

By Crystal Hopkins

Read To Me, a new series on Open Book, showcases children’s books that kids will ask you to read multiple times, and that you’ll love reading. Today, we’re featuring Boy Meets Dog: A Word Game Adventure (Kids Can Press) by Valerie Wyatt, with illustrations by Dave Whamond.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Boy Meets Dog is an action-packed story that combines the exploration of language in a creative adventure the whole family will enjoy. The book is based on Carroll’s word-ladder invention. Readers will laugh and learn with each page turn. Get ready to stretch your imagination while you follow a boy and his dog on the most exciting walk they’ve ever taken.

WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: The relationship between the boy and his dog is one of adventure and courage as they encounter unexpected creatures, drastic changes in weather and a quick shift from day to night. The animals and objects in Whamond's illustrations transform, and “A house might become a mouse, and then a moose.” Children will enjoy following these two best friends through a fun-filled walk that turns into a race back home.

WHY GROWN UPS WILL LOVE IT: Boy Meets Dog entertains and expands little ones’ vocabulary. Word ladders help children get excited about spelling and learning new words. By changing one letter, a whole new word is created. Bonus: Information and ideas for parents and teachers on how to start using word play is provided.

Buy this book at Kids Can Press or at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

Crystal Hopkins is a guest writer for Open Book Toronto’s Read To Me series. She’s an honours graduate from Humber’s PR Advanced Diploma program and a writer, managing editor and social media consultant for IABC/Toronto. Follow her flying through hoops in motherhood, green living and the world of communications @CrystalDHopkins.

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