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Read To Me: All by Myself! By: Géraldine Collet

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All by Myself!

Read To Me, a new series on Open Book, showcases those magical children’s books that kids will ask you to read multiple times, and that you’ll love reading. Today, we’re featuring All by Myself! (Owlkids) by Géraldine Collet, with illustrations by Coralie Saudo.

ABOUT THE BOOK: This preschool book for ages 3-5 years tells the story of five little chicks who are left alone while their mothers leave the coop to search for grain. This story begins with the chicks in despair, follows with how they cooperate to comfort each other and ends with the five chicks beaming with independence and “I want to do it myself” attitude.

WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: Children will love that the chicks are displayed using mixed-media illustrations. The five little chicks look like eggs with a yolk in the middle of their tummies, animated hair, arms and legs. Each chick has its own name and the humourous text excentuates each characters energetic and distinct personalities. Although Anthony, Ivan, Leonard, Lily and Shirley want to do things by themselves, they manage to stick together.

WHY GROWN UPS WILL LOVE IT: Grown ups will love the cooperation of the little chicks and the coping mechanisms they use to help comfort themselves and each other when their mothers are away. Parents who are doing the dependence/independence dance with their preschooler will nod their heads as they read about the chicks swinging back and forth from missing their mommies to their enthusiastic display of independence.

Buy this book at Owlkids or at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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