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Crack the Code and Win Treasure with Minerva's Voyage

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Crack the Code and Win Treasure with Minerva's Voyage

Lynne Kositsky's new novel, Minerva's Voyage (Dundurn Press), is set in seventeenth-century England and "is the swashbuckling story of two shipwrecked lads who must solve the ciphers embedded in emblems found in the sea chest of the wicked William Thatcher. Beset by danger and villainy on every side they unearth a treasure much finer and much rarer than gold."

There are three unsolved ciphers in Minerva's Voyage. Solve them and your name will be entered in a contest for a chance to win treasure, which may not be finer and rarer than gold, but it is easier than gold to exchange for goodies you want from your favourite shops. First prize for solving the cipher is $200, second prize is $100 and third prize is $50. Find full contest details at the Dundurn Press website.

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