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Broken Pencil’s Indie Writers Deathmatch V

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Broken Pencil's Deathmatch V

Deathmatch is back!
Broken Pencil’s annual short story contest is back for a fifth year of literary mayhem. Writers will compete in Broken Pencil’s online writing arena while a world-wide audience not only watches, but participates by posting comments on the writing.

Information from the official Broken Pencil press release:

Broken Pencil: the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts, continues the Indie Writers Deathmatch, giving Planet Earth's bravest writers the chance to prove that they have the talent and the guts to compete in the sweaty depths of our Online Arena.

How the Deathmatch Works
Eight stories will be selected to compete, with writers and readers shouting threats and encouragement on the Deathmatch website. The top eight submissions will be selected by the Broken Pencil fiction team; then it's up to the readers! The winning story will be decided by Broken Pencil readers themselves, through a vote on the official magazine website.
Starting in the middle of January, each week two stories will be pitted against each other in the online arena where anyone and everyone can read them and vote on which one deserves to reign supreme. The authors will be in constant communication with their audience through a blog which they can use to hype up their own story, or trash-talk their opponent’s writing. The winning story moves on to the next round until there are only two stories left, battling it out for ultimate victory!

Now Accepting Entries
Deadline to enter is December 31, 2011. Entries are accepted now online on the Broken Pencil website.
For their twenty-dollar entry fee, writers clench their implements of creative destruction in their fists and automatically score a one-year subscription to Broken Pencil.

For more details, visit:

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