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Bite of the Mango Authors Set for European Tour

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Bite of the Mango Authors Set for European Tour

The authors of the award-winning book, The Bite of the Mango (Annick Press), Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland, are heading to Europe for an extensive book tour.

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Keep reading for more information about the authors' book tour.

Courtesy of our friends at Annick Press:

Mariatu Kamara and Susan McClelland, authors of the award-winning memoir, The Bite of the Mango, are leaving November 8 for a five-country European tour. The astounding story of how 12-year-old Mariatu survived having both hands cut off by rebel soldiers in her native Sierra Leone is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Now 23, she lives in Toronto. In addition to being a multiple award-winning author, Mariatu is a UNICEF Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, a much called-upon public speaker, and a college student working towards being a counsellor for abused women and children.

Foreign rights to The Bite of the Mango have been sold in 10 countries. To coincide with the launch of five European editions, Mariatu together with journalist and co-author Susan McClelland will be traveling first to London where their publisher, Bloomsbury, will host them for a 2-day marathon of school visits, TV, print, and radio interviews. From there, they will travel to Berlin for another packed schedule of appearances organized by the German publisher, Pattloch/Droemer Knaur. This will include a press conference with members of UNICEF.

Susan will be returning to Toronto while Mariatu travels to Rome, where the Italian publisher, Sperling & Kupfer/Mondadori, has planned a bookstore appearance, TV and print interviews, and other media. The next leg of her journey will take her to Amsterdam to meet with De Fontein, the Dutch publisher. There, Mariatu will participate in an event with Amnesty International on November 20, the Universal Day of the Child, which marks the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Mariatu finishes her European tour in Barcelona and Madrid with publisher Intermon Oxfam. She will be returning to Toronto on November 26.

Although the book was originally published by Annick Press as a YA title, most of the foreign publishers have decided to treat it as an adult book. All five publishers have worked together to coordinate Mariatu’s itineraries, and to ensure that she and her book get maximum coverage during the time she spends in each country. They also share a tremendous sense of excitement and anticipation as they prepare to meet this remarkable young woman who has captivated, astounded and inspired audiences everywhere.

Both Mariatu and Susan received a Travel Grant for Professional Writers from the Canada Council for the Arts to assist in this trip.

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