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So Long, Marianne

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It’s been a fun gig. OpenBook is a wonderful website, so vibrant and alive. Kudus to the OpenBook staff for keeping the site up and running in such a smooth and seemingly effortlessly way. Anything that appears to be effortless never is - it always comes as the result of careful thought and behind-the-scenes hard work.

I’ve gained a deeper respect for those writers whose job it is to create and publish a new piece of writing every day. Book authors have the luxury of time to ponder their words, shape their ideas, set aside a chapter, come back to it later with fresh perspective, polish, start all over if necessary. Daily columnists, yes, daily bloggers, too, have to come up with that fresh idea quickly, get it down into words, send it off for publication or posting, go to sleep, wake up, and then start all over again.

OpenBook WIR was a fairly relaxed assignment. I didn’t have to write a new piece every day, just every couple of days. Still, I found myself constantly thinking about the blog, reading the newspaper and online news stories with an “eye” towards snippets that might be a springboard to a new post, watching out for those little daily things that happened to me that might be “mined” for story, thinking about being a writer and the process behind what it is I do - write. And do you know what? It was an exhilaratingly creative experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Before I sign off, I want to mention my publisher, Robert Morgan, of BookLand Press. He has been so very supportive, and represents all the good things about literary presses in Canada. I am grateful. With that said, I’ll echo the lyrics of a Leonard Cohen song, “So long, Marianne.” I wish all the best to the September WIR, Jacob McArthur Mooney.

~ Marianne Paul

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Marianne Paul

Marianne Paul's is the author of the novels Dead Girl Diaries (BookLand Press, 2009), Tending Memory (BookLand Press, 2007), Twice in a Blue Moon (BookLand Press, 2007) and The Shunning (Moonstone Press, 1994). Her fiction, non-fiction and poems have appeared in publications such as Vox Feminarum, Cahoots, Canadian Author, Western People and The New Quarterly.

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