Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Books With Batteries

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Books With Batteries: To answer a regular question, no, I do not own an e-reader. But that’s not to say that I never will. It’s just that I have not yet come across a compelling enough reason to buy one. And while I’m not seduced easily by shiny objects, neither am I a paper-bound snob. People at the store or in casual conversation (often in a hushed tone, as if it were the 1930’s and they were probing me about the Red Menace) will ask me if e-books are taking over the world, or something like that. I tell them, no, and by the way, if anything I believe the media complement each other and am thrilled to learn that people are still reading. To quote @stephenfry, “Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”

Kids Read: I think we have a terrific children’s and young adult section at the store. We’re also very accommodating: We have a couple of very small chairs for the tired and weary. The other day there was a girl, I’m guessing about 8 or 9 years old, flipping through, reading what looked like a volume from her favourite series. After about 45 minutes I figured she had read the book from front to back and back again but she brought it to the cash to purchase. I glanced around for a parent with a purse or wallet but she instantly opened a tiny red leather change purse and without a word shook the coin out of it in one jerk, sending the silver across the counter. I counted it out for her, rang up the sale and she, silently, went on her way with her night's read.

The Problem With Sequels: The problem with sequels is that there is what you want to write, and what everyone else wants you to write. And then there’s the third path. The secret is finding it.

Rounded Tips: Never bet on a horse named Tripod. Also, don’t engage with people who have small ideas or have a bone to pick. Your ideas will become smaller and those bones they want to pick are your own.

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Michael Januska

Michael Januska is an award-winning crime fiction writer whose works include numerous short stories as well as the recent novel Riverside Drive, part of the Border City Blues series set in Windsor. His first book was Grey Cup Century. He lives in Toronto.

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