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Our Alaskan Cruise: A Fictional Photo Essay (Part 1 of 2)

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Our Alaskan Cruise: A Fictional Photo Essay (Part 1 of 2)

(Photos by Derek Wuenschirs. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.)

On the first night, we ordered Baked Alaska for dessert. Our waiter served it, then stood by and waited for us to laugh. When we only smiled politely, he was angry that we did not get the joke.

After dinner, we sat and watched the dancers. They wore tight costumes and contorted their limbs into robot poses in time to a medley of hits from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. We drank more Bellinis and pounded our fists on the polished brass railing and demanded more decades.

We scowled at the ocean. “These filthy icebergs are an affront,” we said. We had come here for purity.

The rival cruise ship faced us across the cold water. If pressed, we would attack. We would rush aboard their decks and steal all of their small convenient boxes of Raisin Bran, because we were running desperately low.

At the first port, there was much to celebrate. We were in Juneau! Outside our tour-bus window, the townspeople dangled hematite, genuine gold nuggets, imitation ceremonial Inuit carving knives, BOGO tanning session coupons.

We drove on.

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Jessica Westhead

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