Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Entry 7: James Langer and Joshua Trotter

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Entry 7: James Langer and Joshua Trotter

Joshua Trotter

Books: All This Could Be Yours (Biblioasis, 2010)

Cred: Widespread publication.

Relevance: With a title that could be equally at home in a modern advertisement, Trotter shows us from the get-go two of his chief selling points: a tongue and cheek playfulness and a gift for aphorism that's -- and this is the trick with aphorism -- always perfectly timed. Trotter's lines are charged in a way the reveals a deeply studied but also deeply committed mind--to not only poetic tradition (along with a fierce intelligence), but to the complicated world. There is no speaking from on-high, no capital P poetics, and no straining for profundity in Trotter's aesthetic universe.

Is currently working on: Releasing ATCBY (it hit book shelves in February).


James Langer

Books: Gun Dogs

Cred: won the Gerald Lampert award for 2010. Langer is a poetry co-editor at Fiddlehead.

Relevance: In Gun Dogs, Langer (another poet debuting on Anansi) writes in that muscular lyrical style that’s found a home in a younger generation of Canadian poets -- a taught, consonant, and highly educated approach to the line that is as much at home in the early/mid 20th century as it is now. If it seems that I’m knocking Langer for a certain recidivism (and welcome to the issue du jour in poetic discussion in Canada), nothing could be further from the truth: Gun Dogs comes from somewhere, as good books must, but it’s also a rare display of talent, of allowing technique to manifest content but not to smother that content. Gun Dogs feels fresh and alive, pulled along but not supplanted by the machinery that drives it.

Is currently working on: Hopefully new poems.

Sample: Hear Langer read Gundogs standout "Rhythm Method":

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Jeff Latosik

Jeff Latosik’s first book, Tiny, Frantic, Stronger (Insomniac Press), was published in Spring 2010.

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