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Hello hello!

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Hello Toronto, my beloved hometown. Yes, I've moved to St. John's, and yes it's beautiful, affordable, and friendly here, but you'll always be the place I look to wistfully and wonder what could have been.

I'm glad to be here and hope to bring you some interesting stuff. I'll take questions, should you have them, about whatever, but the things I know more about are poetry, fiction, new media (esp blogging), the book publishing industry, the literary "scene" (whatever that means), etc. Please feel free to ask away.

The book industry is in a really odd place these days. Every couple weeks there's a new doom-and-gloom article in some arts page about the imminent demise of the book. First it was TV that was going to kill it, then the internet, now ebooks. Yet the damn thing (the Book) keeps limping along, like that Black Knight from Monty Python. Will the book die? What does the future hold? I can't answer that. So I've asked a bunch of book types (authors, publishers, editors, publicists, designers, booksellers, bloggers, journalists, agents, etc.) to come up with a collective answer for us, in what I call the Questionless Interview.

I hope to post the first one later today, and I hope it generates some discussion among you all.

See you around.



True. You should see my calves these days. Pumped! Walks always seem to generate something narrative here. It's not so much that it's more inspiring, but that it's new to us. When I come back to Toronto now, I find myself inspired more than I ever was when I lived there.

Toronto is so flat compared to St John's. I wrote a story set in St. John's after visiting. The story is terrible, the setting wonderful.

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