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A few conversations with Olive, my two and a half year old ...

Dinner conversation #1

Me- Olive, come back to the table and finish your dinner.

Olive- I just have to play with the giraffe for a little bit longer.

Me- Olive, come and eat.

Olive- You're just going to have to be patient mum.


Dinner conversation #2:

Olive: Mum, do I have cream cheese all over my face?

Me: Yah.

Olive: I said, mum, do I have cream cheese all over my face?

Me: Uh huh.

Olive: Use your words mum.

Me: You want me to say, 'Olive you have cream cheese all over your face?'

Olive: Yes.

Me: Olive, you have cream cheese all over your face.

Olive: Really?


Olive’s encouragement:

Olive: Can you put on twinkly music mum?

Me: I don't know if I can work daddy's computer.

Olive: You can do it mum!

Me: But I don't think I know the password and ...

Olive: I know you can do it!

Me: I don't even remember if it was on Rdio or Itunes.

Olive: Just give it a try mum! You can do it! I know you can mum!

Me: Okay I'll try ....

She was right
I could get the twinkly music to play from daddy's computer.
All I needed was a little encouragement.


Olive reading a story to 6 month old Tallulah:

Olive: Once upon a time ... you see the man? He’s a bad man. That’s why they ripped his clothes. Do you see his ripped clothes? And then he turned good.


Olive on the dead squirrel in the alley we pass every day

Olive: What’s that mum?

Me: A dead squirrel. Don’t go near it.

Olive: Why?

Me: Just don’t.

Olive: I think he went home.

Me: Me too.

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Erin Shields

Erin Shields is a playwright and actor who most recently won the Governor General's Award for her play If We Were Birds (Playwrights Canada Press). She is a founding member of Groundwater Productions through which she creates, develops and produces much of her work.

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