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Dear Blog

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Dear Blog,

How’s it going? What have you been up to? … Hey, look, I’m so sorry. I’ve been absent, I know, I’ve been notably silent and the truth is, I was meant to finish with you by the end of October. But I’ve been granted an extension because, well, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Not rough, maybe, but ‘challenging’ as they say. I’m in a workshop right now, as you know, and the piece is coming along really well – I think the script is in excellent shape and you should come to my reading this weekend (I’ll post the details below) because I think it’s a very strong piece. But the long workshop days have meant that all my writing time has gone into my play and my baby hasn’t been sleeping. Well, she starts off all right but reliably at 2am she wakes up screaming. We were trying to ‘sleep train’ her but I think because I’ve been working 10-6 she’s been a bit thrown off and we were letting her cry but then we said, forget it, let’s just do whatever works and so I’m feeding her in the night, which all the parents will say I’m not supposed to do for a 7 month old because she’ll just expect to be fed at 2am every night even though she doesn’t really need to be fed at 2am every night, so we’ve made it worse, I’m sure, then she got sick and we all got sick and two year old peed on me and my computer broke – this is a new computer I’m typing on, a computer I’m enjoying, but I’m having difficulty understanding the way Microsoft has tried to imitate Apple in this most recent incarnation – and now I’m trying not to watch our Neighbours-to-the-South take themselves out to slaughter … come on Florida!

All of this to say … Blog. Bloggy. Blogity Darling. I’ve missed you. Forgive me. I’m back. I’ll write again soon and try to write about more than my many distractions.

Yours truly, e


Details about my reading this weekend:

a WorkSpace Presentation
directed by Andrea Donaldson

A lonely businessman encounters a girl who is not what she appears to be. This sexually-charged new play by Governor General Award winner Erin Shields explores entrapment and desperate longing, the abuse of the most vulnerable by those who hold the most power, and the moral righteousness of those who try to help.

Presentations take place in Tarragon Theatre’s Near Studio on:

Friday, November 9 at 8 pm
Saturday, November 10 at 8 pm

Admission is free, and no reservations are taken. Arrive early to claim your seat!

For more information, please contact our box office at 416-531-1827.


Hi Karen,

Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's always nice to hear from parents who have struggled and made it through to the other side. I suppose now you've just about made it through the teen years, which I sometimes look forward to, sometimes dread if my 15 year old self is any indication of what I'm in for!

Thanks for reading my blog. Best, Erin

Dear Erin,

I smiled in sympathy reading this Dear Blog blog. It reminded me so much of when my own son was an infant.

He, too, woke up all night long. For three and a half years, in fact!!!!

I also tried but failed to "sleep train" him.

We later found out that he had dreadful allergic sinusitis and was very badly hearing impaired. I think he, personally, really needed all that extra comforting.

He is now 19 years old. He sleeps very well! In fact, like most teenage boys, it is nearly impossible to wake him up once he's down for the count. Like most teenage boys, he also tends to go to sleep very late.

All the best with all of your endeavours, both literary and familial.


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Erin Shields

Erin Shields is a playwright and actor who most recently won the Governor General's Award for her play If We Were Birds (Playwrights Canada Press). She is a founding member of Groundwater Productions through which she creates, develops and produces much of her work.

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