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Toronto Weirdo Comics Rule!

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Toronto Weirdo Comics Rule!

For those of you who don't know me or are too lazy to read my bio, I'm an illustrator by trade which is a great job, but (sometimes) it can be daunting when I'm asked to draw very mundane or structured images. So when I see younger illustrators & comic creators drawing whatever the hell they want, it really gets me excited... especially when they're based here in Toronto!

This past wednesday night, I had the absolute pleasure to see such a group of illustrators at Keep 6 Contemporary Gallery here in the city (of Tdot). This group of seven (cheezy Canadian Art joke here) are producing some really wacky'n'weird comics and artwork which, in my opinion, might be some of the most exciting and creative stuff to be seen around these parts recently.

At the show, I picked up their latest collab, Wowee Zonk 2, which is a trippy, newsprint collection of super-creative comics. It is only a tiny selection of what these guys have pumped out in the past couple years of attending OCAD. They are actually quite prolific with almost a dozen or more comics and zines between the group of them for sale. Besides the amazing books they've self-published, the artwork was equally as impressive and damn affordable! Word through the grape-vine is that these kids are workaholics in a good way, producing many pieces of art daily. It is very obvious that these creators are having fun & really enjoy what they are doing! I hope that they can continue their march of wackiness into their professional years. If they do, then I bet these guys will be generating some of the coolest & freshest work in Canada in a few years (if not already).

As you might have guessed by now, I was thoroughly impressed and pleasantly inspired by these students. It is great to see graduates so into what they do, as well as comic creators trying something weird and different here in Toronto. Anyways, enough of the ass kissing... see them for yourself at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend at the Toronto Reference Library. Make sure to grab some of their comics and prints while they're still dirt cheap!

Here's some images (borrowed) from their website:

Wowee Zonk 2 cover.

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