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Is this the end?

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Is this the end?

Yup. My tenure as January's Writer-in-Residence has come to its inevitable conclusion. A friend suggested that I end on something controversial to get people talking, but that's not me. I have my opinions, but this is not the venue. Oh, but if you ever meet me in person, I have some doozies to get off my chest.

Okay, one quick rant.

The breathless anticipation of Dan Brown's next piece of hackneyed plotting to save the slumping publishing industry makes me weep uncontrollably. He's a horrible, horrible author truly undeserving of his fame. Seriously.

There, I said it. Let the hate mail commence!

But let's leave on a less-vitriolic note. I should impart some wisdom about writing, shouldn't I? Yes, Corey, you should. Thank you, Corey, I agree. And stop referring to yourself in the third person.

So: advice.

The truest thing I can say is this - write for yourself and no one else. Make yourself laugh. Make yourself cry. If other people dig it, awesome. If not, console yourself with the realization that they just don't get it. It's their problem, not yours.

Peace out.

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Corey Redekop

Corey Redekop, author of the critically acclaimed novel Shelf Monkey, is a librarian and freelance writer. He lives in Thompson, Manitoba.

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