Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Songs for the Lost

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Songs for the Lost

Eibonvale Press, September 2014

From Eibonvale Press:

The lonely and the regretful and the downtrodden, the furious and the woeful and the damaged; all facing the futility of living in a world of malice, loss and loneliness; all desperately seeking salvation while forging through the miles of pain marking every step of the path to Paradise.

  • A farmer sings a nightly funeral dirge, summoning something from far across the fields
  • A cavalry troop finds Heaven or Hell in the hills
  • A reporter witnesses the final inexplicable moments of a saucer suicide cult
  • A boy and his grandfather hear a message from an un-guessed world beneath their feet
  • A boxer faces his greatest nemesis during the strangest of storms
  • A platoon is faced with a terrible choice in the jungle
  • A garage band and their loyal fans disappear as part of the fulfillment of a prophecy
  • An outpost of Roman Legionnaires is terrorized by an ancient evil
  • Two alien children forge a unique pact with two Earth children
  • A strange door opens in the middle of a burning summer day
  • A seasoned detective interrogates a vengeful angel responsible for the haunting of an entire city
  • A bounty hunter accepts a mission to hunt another man’s demon
  • A husband and wife receive a long-awaited message from the sky
  • A broken girl is bestowed a gift from the moon
  • A group of troubled misfits search for Heaven in a violent future
  • A brother and sister await the greatest fire the world will ever see...
  • All these Songs For The Lost, and other ghosts, too…

    This is a gigantic book of no less than 34 stories that you can savour and dip into for a long long time.