Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Kids in Triage

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Kids in Triage

Wolsak & Wynn, May 2016

From Wolsak & Wynn:

From the winner of the 2010 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award comes a remarkable debut poetry collection. In a media-saturated culture that fetishizes fear and outrage, how can we talk about emergencies, both public and private, in a way that cuts through surface truths? Kilby Smith-McGregor confronts this question with a dizzying range of voices animated by desire, humour, pleasure and grief.

Richly nuanced, this is poetry that strikes a balance between baroque elegance and haunting understatement. Moving from visions of spontaneous human combustion to troubling childhood swimming lessons, the double life of a brilliant code breaker to the helplessness of a bedside vigil, we witness complex violence and ordinary hope. Effortlessly combining the languages of myth, medicine and metaphysics, Kids in Triage sounds a vital siren call.