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Featured YA Book: Oil by James Laxer

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Featured YA Book: Oil by James Laxer

Oil, our main source of energy, underlies the world's economy. In the twentieth century its availability and relatively low price allowed for the industrial growth and development of the world's leading economies. The new rapidly developing giants, India and China, want access to the same possibilities. But today we know that cheap, easily accessible oil supplies are dwindling, and we are beginning to recognize the true cost to the world's environment of our profligate use of this form of energy. A substantial portion of the world's remaining supply lies in countries whose interests are not identical with those of the major industrial powers. And today the United States is embroiled in warfare and diplomacy to retain its hold on the Persian Gulf, the world's most important petroleum-producing region.

In Oil, political scientist James Laxer tells the story of the ascent of the giant petroleum companies and how they seized control of oil fields and markets around the world. He examines the relationship between oil, geo-politics and money suppliers of oil, relate differently to this commodity. And he explains the stark choices humanity faces as oil supplies diminish and as climate change, spurred on by the burning of petroleum and coal, threatens the future of the globe.

James Laxer, an award-winning author, has written sixteen books, including Stalking the Elephant: My Discovery of America (published by the New Press in New York as Discovering America), and The Border: Canada, the U.S. and Dispatches from the Forty-ninth Parallel. In his review of Stalking the Elephant, David Shribman, Pulitzer prizewinning columnist for the Boston Globe, said: "This is a book by a Canadian that can change the United States." Laxer is a professor of political science at York University in Toronto, Ontario. Read his interview with Open Book here.

From the catalogue. Read more about Oil at the Groundwood Books website.