Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Boiled Cat

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Boiled Cat

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From the author's website:

Sixteen year old Thrash, the rowdy lead singer of the punk band, Boiled Cat, is seeing skulls in the faces of his band mates. Although he knows this isn’t a good sign, it’s the least of his worries. While Thrash struts for screaming crowds, he is being stalked. Thrash’s abusive uncle is determined to destroy the band and Thrash along with it. And that’s not all, Thrash’s best friend is experimenting with drugs, and Jenna-Lee, the high-spirited, triple pierced drummer for Tongue the Frog, is exposing strange new emotions Thrash would prefer to keep buried. Working through it all is no easy task for someone whose first instinct is to run. But to keep the only family he’s ever really wanted, he’ll have to stay and fight.