Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Dear Reader

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Sit down, right here.

Dear Reader.

Hello Reader. I love you. I’m in love with you. Please sit next to me on the couch- right here. See, I’m patting a spot for you and feel free to drop your feet on the coffee table. I hope you like Earl Grey tea. Sorry that these cookies are a touch stale, but as we know, sugar isn’t good for us. I opened the window to let some of that tasty urban air stream in. Now we can knuckle down and talk. What’s your name again? Pardon? Will you spell that?
By the way there is no ‘e’ on ‘Ann.’
So nice of you to drop by and don’t think for a moment that I take your presence for granted. No sir-ee, I’m grateful beyond measure for your visit. Is that your phone ringing? Maybe we can leave it alone for now. Oh, it’s your sister. Alright then. I’ll just drum my knees and look out the window while you’re talking.

Ah, back again. More tea? Try soaking your cookie in the tea to moisten it.
No no, don’t go yet. So soon?
Can’t your sister wait?
Of course I understand.
Perhaps we’ll meet again,
Sure hope so!

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Ann Ireland

Ann Ireland is the author of A Certain Mr. Takahashi, The Instructor and Exile. Her most recent novel is The Blue Guitar. She lives in Toronto.

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