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Ann Says "Farewell".

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Bye now.

Now it’s time to say goodbye
To all our Company.....
This is my final blog, more of a blogette.
Maybe you enjoyed reading some of teensy essays. I quite liked writing them, though I confess that I felt the pressure of writing four a week for a month. Feel free to leave Comments on any of the blogs from May.

I bought this book in Oakland a few days ago: A Book Of Silence by Sara Maitland. I liked the idea of a book about living alone in the middle of semi-nowhere and being silent. Guess what? You can go without Internet and other people for extended periods, without going mental. It’s inspiring and I feel silent and better, just reading it.
Buying it was a signal that the blogging month is over. Time to pull the blanket back over my head.

One more thing: Dundurn Press is re-publishing my second novel THE INSTRUCTOR in late July 2013. If you didn’t read it first time around, well, I think it holds up.
Thank you for listening,

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Ann Ireland

Ann Ireland is the author of A Certain Mr. Takahashi, The Instructor and Exile. Her most recent novel is The Blue Guitar. She lives in Toronto.

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