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Oh Hi There!

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Hello, dear Open Book readers!

My name’s Andrew Faulkner. You might remember me from that time I almost recycled a Troy McLure joke in the first paragraph of my introductory post. I co-curate the chapbook press The Emergency Response Unit and Coach House Books recently published Need Machine, my first book of poetry. More than you could ever want to know about me can be found in two Open Book interviews.

I’ll be the writer-in-residence here for the next month. Which naturally means I've spent the past few weeks reading the precedents set by previous writers in residence and despairing at both their breadth and depth.

There’s Adam Dickinson on unlose-able writing. Farzana Doctor on 8 rules of book touring. Jeff Latosik pointing to all sorts of wonderful debut books. Last month’s WIR, Ann Ireland, and her post on the sometime-dubious value of writing retreats. Amy Lavender Harris on the poetics of biking. Gregory Betts introducing Bertram Brooker.

These shoe, as they say, are big ones to fill.

I expect my tenure to be as mish-mashed as the selection of posts listed above, and I'd happily settle for it being half as interesting.

For now, I’ll end this introductory post by exploring the intersection sports and the literary arts. Because there’s a shared aesthetic sensibility between sports and literature, which you can often see most clearly in writing about sports (opening section of Underworld, anyone?). And because the uselessness of poetry (“poetry makes nothing happen,” after all) finds a twin in the endless repetition of athletes running around on grass while we drink beer and watch them.

And because it’s the middle of the baseball season. And everyone seems to be reviewing The Great Gatsby. And Ozzie Guillen, former big league manager, has some thoughts on Fitzgerald’s classic text. Let’s explore:

Hopefully I too will talk about some great books.

The views expressed in the Writer-in-Residence blogs are those held by the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Open Book: Toronto.

Andrew Faulkner

Andrew Faulkner co-curates The Emergency Response Unit, a chapbook press. His first book, Need Machine, was published by Coach House Books in April 2013. He lives in Toronto.

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