Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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Ecopoetics has emerged as an attempt to reinvigorate and reposition writing in response to ongoing ecological issues. Such work frequently interrogates language and political discourses (among others) often in a distinctly activist mode, engaging experimental poetic methods and procedures. Poets, activists, scholars, and artists from all over the world converged on Berkeley this past February to share readings, presentations, and conversations. I was part of a panel that conceived of ecopoetics as a set of innovative research methods and compositional practices designed to extend ecocritical inquiry in unexpected directions. In addition to my work from The Polymers, the “Field Laboratory For Esoteric Ecologies” involved a spellbinding performance piece by Kathleen Brown and Erin Robinsong that combined dance, a huge plastic tarp, and poetic investigations into the literal and figurative nature of islands; Jonathan Skinner read and presented sound files from his work-in-progress, Animal Transcriptions: Ecopoetics in the Posthumanist Soundscape, a project that investigates acoustic ecologies by mixing theoretical prose, close reading, original poetry, and field recordings; a.rawlings introduced us to her incredible website Gibber—a transdisciplinary site-specific project that combines sound, visual, conceptual, and digital poetries with acoustic ecology and counter-mapping. It is really worth wandering through her spectacular website:

You can read more about ecopoetics in Jonathan Skinner’s “Conceptualizing the Field” contribution to Jacket2:

and more about the Berkeley Conference on Ecopoetics:

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Adam Dickinson

Adam Dickinson’s poems have appeared in literary journals in Canada and internationally. His first book of poetry, Cartography and Walking (Brick Books), was shortlisted for an Alberta Book Award. His second collection, Kingdom, Phylum (Brick Books), was a finalist for the Trillium Book Award for Poetry. His third collection of poetry, The Polymers is published by House of Anansi Press.

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